Month: June 2019

Quick Tips to Choose the Best Concrete Business to Work With

From Kwik Stamped Concrete Toronto

Identifying and hiring a concrete business that is honest, dependable, and qualified for doing the job is far from being a simple task.

More often than not, homeowners are quick to choose the first concrete business they find without even getting the entire picture. For instance, failure to raise the appropriate questions until the middle of the project can lead to delayed completion time and added costs.

Below are some professional chips on how to choose the ideal concrete business to work with.


The general rule of thumb is that a concrete business that has at least 5 years of experience has proven that they are consistent and reliable in offering quality work.

An experienced concrete business will also willingly provide recommendations and insight to get the best possible results. For instance, they will also be very happy to talk about how a certain concrete option complements your backyard patio better than another option.


When looking into different concrete businesses around your place, don’t forget to check their portfolio. The best concrete contractor maintains a gallery of their previous work to give you a clearer idea of the services they offer and the things you can expect for once the project is finished. The portfolio is also going to let you visualize what you want for your house and may even offer you some new ideas.


Is the business reputable and friendly?

Start with the evaluation of their online reputation through checking their reviews and testimonials. Facebook and Yelp, for instance, are some of the best places where you can start your search. Watch out for any poor review and check if the concrete business has responded to and addressed the complaints in a professional manner.

You can also ask your family and friends if they are familiar with the company or if they have had any bad experience when they worked with a particular business. You can even request for a list of references from the contractor for you to get to know more about them.


If ever a mishap took place on the job, you would want to make sure that it will not be your liability in any way. You can ask the concrete business about the coverage of their insurance policies. You may want to know specifically how you and your property will be protected from on the job damages and accidents. A professional concrete business will have general worker’s competition and liability coverage in place. You can directly get in touch with the insurance company to verify timeframe and coverage.


When you talk with the concrete business, see to it that you request for an estimate of the project. Some of the expenses you have to watch out for include costs of the base material, reinforcement, concrete thickness, sealer, down payment, and coloring. After this, you can cross-compare the cost with the rest of the local contractors.

See to it that you consider the services you will pay for, the expected work quality, and how comfortable you are with the concrete business when you make your final decision.